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Franchise Back of Office - Cash Control Software Key Features

Franchise Software Cash Control Software - configurable cash controlYour Rules, Your Time eProphet Cash Control is 100% flexible around your store activity and business rules. A normal day can be comprised of one cash shift or as many cash shifts as you like based on your managerial requirements. POS data downloads and cash skims can be processed at any time throughout the shift supporting effective use of quiet trading periods.

Franchise Software Cash Control Software - reconciliationDetailed Reconciliation Expected cash is balanced against actual takings to quickly and easily highlight discrepancies with each cash deposit. Full cash lifecycle transparency allows you to trace differences back to individual staff involved at every level; from safe deposit collection, shift deposit counts to specific transactions, to identify potential cash operation issues. 

Franchise Software Cash Control Software - POS connectivityPoint of Sale (POS) Connectivity eProphet Cash Control automatically downloads sales data from a wide range of POS systems including our powerful NCR Aloha Point of Sale solution. Automated transfer of sales data eliminates time intensive and error prone re-entry of sales figures into the backoffice system.

Franchise Software Cash Control Software - business reportingBusiness Reporting A comprehensive range of detailed reports are available that capture key totals and indicators; affording you important insight into your metrics by any date, period or year. Easily track special promotions and coupon sales through the configurable store sales ledger. 

Franchise Software Cash Control Software - user workflow  Intuitive User Workflow Core eProphet functions are always mapped into user guided workflows that help the user perform tasks correctly and completely. Our simple interfaces allow you to reduce ramp up time of store managers on system operations. 

Franchise Software Cash Control Software - localization Flexible Currency and Language eProphet Cash Control can be configured to handle any currency, language, e-payment providers and sales tax configurations to meet the needs of the store operation in any country

Franchise Software Cash Control Software - Suite integrationSuite Integration eProphet Cash Control integrates with eProphet Inventory and eProphet Scheduling, utilising POS data history to determine sales patterns and resource requirements to meet those patterns.  Beyond the store, eProphet Cash Control can securely compile and transmit data to the eProphet Accounts Payable system via Abcom Cloud Services delivering full and automated connectivity, visibility and traceability of your store cash operation to your P&L.  The integration is seamless and provides extremely accurate budget forecasting for your QSR operation.

Franchise Software Cash Control Software - cash control integration

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Robust Technology

All eProphet systems are built using the highly acclaimed Microsoft .NET framework. The Microsoft development platform is mature, robust and offers a massive range of advanced components and cutting edge functionality. In addition, adherence to strict Windows development guidelines ensures that Abcom products offer long, productive life spans; representing a low risk, long term, quality software investment for your business.

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Security and Confidentiality

Abcom systems are built with strong security for your peace of mind. All interaction with the system is restricted and logged by user account, configured however you so require. Additionally, all databases, data backups and data transmissions are 128bit encrypted to prevent unauthorised access from the outside.



In addition to all the features above, this system is coupled with powerful out-of-the-box productivity features such as configurable system open and close processes, internal memos, one off and recurring tasks, special event tracking, an operations diary and a whole lot more. It's all part of helping improve and streamline your day to day operations.

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