Infringement Notice Scam

State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) does not issue penalty notices or penalty reminder notices by email.

One of our McDonalds clients recently received the following email of which of I grabbed the following screenshot. Luckily all admin emails were centralised thus avoiding anyone clicking on the links out of curiosity. Plus an alert admin picked up the scam before it was too late.

Quote: "Tony Newbury, Commissioner of Fines Administration at the Office of State Revenue said 'If you receive one of these emails,

Do not click on any links or pay anything.

People should treat any notification of this type as suspicious.

Clicking on the links in the email might cause a download a virus which will result in all of your data being encrypted and held to ransom. If this happens, your data might be permanently lost making it almost impossible to recover the system without the key. These viruses are known to also encrypt any attached external drive that is attached to the infected PC.

Please remain alert, beware of .exe attachments and take care when opening emails from unknown senders.

infringement notice scam

Clients are being emailed fake penalty notices issued for offences they did not commit

Check if the fine is genuine or a scam

Phone: 1300 655 805


Enter the penalty or infringement number and offence date to check the validity of the fine

Preventative Measures

Backup, backup and backup the backup. One of the best solutions can be to restore files from a clean backup.

Please treat the backing up of your Abcom files like a religious experience and get a copy of your files daily onto an external hard drive.

Although if restoring data of a month of trading is no bother to you then backup monthly. If you do not mind manually inputting data for a week then backup weekly. If recovering from a day of lost trading data is your limit of down time then backup daily.


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